Dr. Grabowski PC

Welcome to Dr. Grabowski PC:
We are a team of experienced, dedicated and caring podiatry physicians and podiatry professionals, committed to provide and promote the best podiatry care and service to our patients. This commitment of excellence is supported through quality and compassionate professionals, along with the use of efficacious, reliable, state of the art podiatry technology, from the entire practice team at Dr. Gabowski PC.
Foot and Ankle Surgeons are uniquely qualified to detect the early stages of diseases that exhibit warning signs in the lower extremities, as well as manage those foot conditions which can pose an ongoing threat to a patientís overall health. Such illnesses include diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular disease.
If you have any further questions feel free to call or e-mail our friendly front desk personnel to inquire or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you for all of your podiatry needs.
Seattle Office:
1101 Madison St
Suite 1120
Seattle, WA 98104
P: 206-447-0302
F: 206-682-5951
Bellevue Office:
11711 N.E. 12th ST
Suite 1-B
Bellevue, WA 98005
P: 425-453-1598
F: 425-450-0029
Issaquah Office:
1301 4th Ave N.W.
 Suite 200
Issaquah, WA 98027
P: 425-369-4100
F: 453-369-4102